PayDirek - Global Top Up Bill Pay Debit Card PayDirek - Global Top Up Bill Pay Debit Card
PayDirek - Global Top Up Bill Pay Debit Card
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Global Top Up
PayDirek - Wireless Top Up International Top Up offers a convenient and economical alternative to money transfer. With Paydirek's Global Top Up service, the Diasporas worldwide can send airtime credits directly to friends and family's phone back home. Travelers who purchase a sim card from local operators can also purchase airtime credit directly from our website without having to find a distributor.

Registration is simple and once registered, you have the flexibility of creating a list of your favorite numbers to top-up and setting recurring recharges.

Paydirek partnered with over 170 operators in more than 50 countries to offer the Diasporas a convenient, immediate, secure, reliable and economical way to directly add airtime credit to their friends and family's mobile phone.

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Global Bill Payment
PayDirek - Bill Payment Paydirek's Global Bill Payment service eliminates the traditional barriers and empowers the overseas Diaspora to take control and directly pay recurring expenses back home. Pay cable, electricity, phone, mortgages, school fees and many more expenses for your family back home while saving on money transfer fees.

This service is only available at Paydirek payment points. Please call customer service for the location nearest you.
Global E-Gift Card
PayDirek - Debit Card Our Direk2u E-Gift card is an innovative and unique service which provides instant gratification to your friends and family back home. Our Electronic gift codes are delivered directly to the receipt's cellular phone and are redeemable at all participating merchants locally.

Our electronic gift card meets the diverging needs of our customers. Our Direk2u E-Gift platform is a secure, cost effective, cross border gift delivery system that provides our customers access to a vast network of merchants, such as Supermarket, Pharmacies and Doctor's offices... worldwide.

As more and more consumers are migrating away from cash as a form of payment, they are discovering the benefit and ease of use that Electronic payment methods offer. Our customers gain a secure, convenient way to purchase goods and services along with the protection from lost or stolen cash. Additionally, the electronic gift card can be used as a good alternative to money transfers.

Our electronic payments and services are designed to enhance our customerís experience and meet the complex needs of the Diaspora populations worldwide as well as to facilitate their interaction with their home countries.
PayDirek - Global Top Up Bill Pay Debit Card PayDirek - Global Top Up Bill Pay Debit Card